During your first visit, we’ll take the time to learn everything we can about your specific physical issues and goals. This includes filling out a detailed questionnaire, as well as orthopedic tests that will help us pinpoint exactly what may be causing problems or negatively affecting your performance. Since these tests and assessments may require you to move into many different positions, we request that you wear gym clothes that allow you to move freely. (If you are doing Kinetisense, please try to wear tight, bright clothing without patterns.)

If there is a very specific issue you’d like to focus on, we may spend most of the session working on that one area that is bothering you, and walk you through what might be causing the discomfort. Often, the area where you might feel pain, numbness or tingling is not the area causing the discomfort. We will take the time to diagnose and explain exactly what might be causing the problem, and will provide you with simple instructions on how you can continue your progress at home.