Sports Massage

As an athlete, it’s important to make sure your body stays in alignment and your muscles and joints maintain mobility and flexibility, so you can perform to the best of your ability. With a professional sports massage, we’ll be able to work deep into the muscles to realign muscle fibres and connective tissue, all while flushing away harmful toxins.

Medical Massage

Need to treat a specific injury or do you suffer from chronic pain? A medical massage might be the perfect solution for you! With a physician’s recommendation, we can provide you with an alternative form of medicine that is specific to treating your source of pain! Let LA Orthopedic relieve your pain today!

Neuromuscular Massage

Has chronic lower back pain or muscle spasms hindered you from enjoying daily activities you love? With the help and treatment method of neuromuscular massage, we can use pressure to alleviate the tension and muscle spasms you’ve been having by releasing the lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Let us help you say goodbye to lower back pain!

Massage Rates

60 Minutes$119
Pack of 3$342 (Save $15)
Pack of 5$565 (Save $30)
Pack of 10$1120 (Save $70))

90 Minutes$179
Pack of 3$515 (Save $22)
Pack of 5$850 (Save $45)
Pack of 10$1685 (Save $105)

120 Minutes$239
Pack of 3$687 (Save $30)
Pack of 5$1135 (Save $60)
Pack of 10$2250 (Save $140)